Meet the Band!

Mitch Desormeaux

Lead Vocals

Sadie Haddad

Lead Guitar


Backing Vocals

Luc Langlois

Bass Guitar


Backing Vocals

Drums . . . ???

  We need a solid drummer! 

  We are looking for an experienced, high-energy drummer; someone who can pound out the power we need to drive this machine, but also knows how to work the dynamics. 

We have four critical elements that we’re looking for, in no particular order since they’re all equally important: 

Drug free, alcohol in moderation: heck we all enjoy a nice cold beer, but “show time” is show time, not “get-smashed-and-screw-up” time!)

Technical ability: can keep a CONSISTENT tempo, ideally practices with a click track (we use samples from time to time)

High energy: this is a rock band after all; we need someone who is confident behind the kit and can deliver the energy to fuel the Ruckus machine

Chemistry: a good (wacky?) sense of humour, down-to-Earth, team-player

If this sounds like something that’s right up your alley, give us a shout! 

If you don't think this is for you but you know a talented drummer who might fit the bill, please let us know and/or pass along this info to them. 

We are VERY eager to fill this vacancy and get back in action!  


. . . a very fond farewell

Ruckus sadly bids a very fond farewell to Paul, one of its founding members, who has decided to retire from the music scene. Bro, thank you for these many years of not only playing some of the best music ever written, but also for the best friendship anyone could hope to find. We will miss you bro!